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Diving Center Anfibios Huatulco
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Diving Center Anfibios Huatulco - Our Team

The Who is Who of our Huatulco Scuba Diving Team


our Dive instructor Alex

Alex is a certified PADI dive instructor with many years of experience. Diving is an absolute passion for him. Before setting up his own business with Scuba Diving Anfibios Huatulco, he worked as an industrial diver on oil platforms and tuna farms for many years, diving to a depth of over 70 m (230 ft)sometimes. His love for nature made him finally becoming a diving instructor.

I (the webmaster) have completed the PADI Open Water diving course with Alex. I can tell you from personal experience that this person radiates so much peace and security both above and under water. Even if it's your first dive at all and you're a little nervous about it: with Alex you'll be able to enjoy it! You don't have to take my word for it, just read his great reviews on Facebook and Tripadvisor.

 Dive Instructor Alex Anfibios Huatulco


Our Captain Efren

Alex's oldest son Efren ist the captain on our diving boat. Despite his young age, he is only 20 years old, he has great navigation skills at sea. But Efren is more than just the captain! He is very charismatic and enjoys talking to our guests during their stay over water, without being obtrusive. He loves to get information about other countries, don't be surprised if he asks you a few things about the country where you come from! He also helps our divers to prepare with the equipment before the dive, and get back on board after surfacing.

Here too, the following applies: You don't have to believe my words. See for yourself how often he gets personally mentioned in reviews by our highly appreciated divers!

 Efren Anfibios Huatulco


Last But not least - Dive Boat Sargaso

Our dive boat, the "Sargaso", plays an important role for the well-being of our divers, too. It offers space for 6-8 divers, including equipment. For a tour through the bays of Huatulco we can even take up to 10 people with us. Thanks to its roof, our customers are also protected from the blazing sun.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you apply a strong sun cream before coming to our dive boat. The reflection of the sun on the sea causes that the radiation is very strong and you can get a sunburn very quickly if you don't protect yourself adequately.

Scuba Diving Boat Sargaso

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